c 2016

DE202010XXXX (after Kaiser Wilhem I, 1881)
Vinyl on wall, 450 x 100 cm

I grant an invention’s intellectual rights to the people of Leipzig, Germany; with two restrictions.

First, the product must be manufactured at the same site (the Baumwolle Spinnerei, formerly Europe’s largest cotton production facility). Second, the product must be made within ten years from the initial grant date (11 September 2010). The people of Leipzig forfeit the rights if they fail to meet both terms.

The proclamation is adapted from a late 19th-century German document on social policy.

Text, english translation
We, the Special Development Council
of Arbeitswerk International GmbH
Hereby grant to the People of Leipzig
in the Federal State of Saxony

In perpetual honour to both
the goals and achievements
in the life and legacy
of Ferdinand Lassalle, Albert Kapr, and Gerald Wöhl

All rights, be they economic,
intellectual, spiritual, or otherwise
for the development and distribution
of the Kulturorgan
to be manufactured on this site
no later then ten years hence

Proclaimed under our own hand
and with our seal attached
on this Eleventh of September
in the year Two Thousand and Ten